Lauren Beukes’ BROKEN MONSTERS in the spotlight


Bestselling author Lauren Beukes is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her works include the international bestseller THE SHINING GIRLS, which tracks a time-traveling serial killer and a surviving victim who turns the tables and begins to hunt him down, and ZOO CITY, “a gritty phantasmagorical noir about magical animals, pop music, refugees, murder and redemption in the slums of inner city Johannesburg” that took home an Arthur C. Clarke Award and a Kitschies Red Tentacles. BROKEN MONSTERS is her […] Read more »

I can’t wait for the next Priscilla Holmes thriller…

Modjaji_Now I see you

Priscilla Holmes is a Cape Town based writer of many sorts of fiction, most recently a crime fiction novel. Set in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, NOW I SEE YOU is a modern-day thriller with dark undertones.  It contains love and jealousy, human cruelty and sexual obsession, as well as humour and pathos.  Part detective-story, part-elegy for a lost culture, it highlights the enormous changes that have happened, especially for young women in the years since the first democratic […] Read more »

Colleen Higgs of Modjaji Books reckons Crime Pays…


Joanne Hichens grills Colleen Higgs, the majority shareholder and managing publisher of Modjaji Books, an independent feminist South African publishing company, about the challenges of venturing into new territory. After publishing over seventy home-grown literary and poetry titles, Modjaji Books, going strong, is now publishing crime and thriller fiction. Firstly, tell us a little about the origins of the name of your publishing house. I know that Modjadji the Rain Queen, the hereditary Queen of Balobedu, a people of the Limpopo Province of South Africa, […] Read more »

Hot reads: a killer interview with Mukoma Wa Ngugi


Africa Scene @ITW The Big Thrill – with Mũkoma Wa Ngũgĩ Thanks to Mũkoma Wa Ngũgĩ for a chat around story, politics, and his dual roots in USA and Kenya. He is a thriller-writer, poet, and essayist, and is currently a professor of English at Cornell University. His columns have appeared in The Guardian, International Herald Tribune and The Los Angeles Times. He’s been a guest on Democracy Now, Al Jazeera and the BBC World Service, and his fiction has […] Read more »

Farm murder keeps cops guessing in WEEPING WATERS

Weeping Waters

Joanne Hichens chats to Karin Brynard, journalist, political correspondent, and award-winning author, of the University of Johannesburg Debut Prize and Two M-Net Awards. Here, she answers questions about WEEPING WATERS, the translation of her debut Afrikaans novel, PLAASMOORD. This richly textured and complex crime novel begins with Sara returning to the family farm in the Kalahari, after her sister, the prophetic and talented artist, Freddie, is murdered. Sara, an astute journalist, soon discovers that underlying the crime is a complex […] Read more »